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Game Description

Synthrally is a multiplayer sports game featuring intense back-and-forth gameplay with a neon synthetic aesthetic.

Inspired by the "Dead Man's Volley" trope in the Zelda series, SynthRally's gameplay focuses on two players trying to hit one another with a homing energy disc. Once a play hits the disc, it turns their color and immediately begins homing in on their enemy. If a player is hit by the disc, they lose the round. There are currently 4 classes you can choose to play with. There's:

  • Barrier: a defensive, easy-to-use class that hits in a circle around the character. Barrier players don't have to worry about missing, but have a harder time getting the disc to go where they want it to go.
  • Shield: an offensive, aggressive class that uses the right thumbstick to hit in a specific direction. Shield's attacks influence where the ball goes, and they have a number of fast movement options to bewilder their opponent, but since they can't defend in all directions, they're easier to catch off guard.
  • Arrow: a difficult to play but very flexible class that launches projectiles. First-time Arrow players may find themselves getting overwhelmed by the difficulty of lining up shots, but if you stick with Arrow, you'll find that that weakness is paid off with the ability to influence the disc regardless of how far away it is from you (which can be difficult to play against).
  • Boomer: a strange class that only has 1 projectile, a boomerang, that has to return to you before you can throw it again. The boomerang curves, so it's easy to hit the disc at a weird angle, making your return shots hard to predict. Boomer fires faster than Arrow; but missing a shot is extremely dangerous, as you're defenseless when the boomerang is out. 

Synthrally is all about trying to catch your opponent off guard. It's rather easy to return the disc correctly, but the myriad of attack options and specials for each class gives players a plethora of ways to rapidly change up their attack plan and outplay the opposition.

Synthrally is still under development.